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A very shiny special edition from a legendary producer in the western mountains of Colombia. Roasted to keep you toasty - and maybe a little frisky - through the winter chill. We sip these mostly as a tropical, bright filter, but they also feature real nicely as a light, slightly sweet espresso. Only available in 250g cans, very limited run. Catch 'em while you can.


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This coffee is the result of a long-term collaborative friendship between our favorite Amsterdam-based specialty importers, This Side Up, and Juan Pablo Argote. These beans come specifically from three farmers (Jesus Cerón, Bernardo Cerón, and Benedo Lopez) with small plots around Argote's village, grouped into a high-end "Morado Village Lot" and exported directly from the Argote family to This Side Up.

The cherries are hand-picked, de-pulped, washed with mountain water, fermented for 18-24 hours, sun-dried on concrete patios and on raised “drawers” with high airflow for about 2 weeks, manually sorted at the farm in four separate rounds, hulled and bagged at the Argote family farm.

The result is a bright, layered cup that leans a bit more tropical than the usual high-end Colombian coffee. We've been brewing it all day on our filter machine, V60, Aeropress, and even as our shop espresso for something light and sweet.

Argote Specialty Coffee

When Juan Pablo Argote moved back to his tiny Nariño village of Colon Genova to help revive his father Efrain's coffee estate, he could hardly have imagined how his project would evolve. After meeting and hosting the head of our beloved Amsterdam importer, This Side Up, by chance in 2014, a partnership has formed over the years that we've always admired as a true example of the power of producer-importer connection. In 2015, This Side Up helped Juan Pablo finance a hulling machine and obtain an exporters license, empowering him to take full control of processing the village's crops and sell directly to the specialty market.

Since then, Argote's harvests have consistently sold out and continue to stand out for their expressive taste profiles, reflective of increasingly careful processing and quality control as well as a near-perfect growing climate in the mountains of western Colombia. Almost all of the Colon Genova coffee production now runs through Argote. Juan Pablo describes his goal as "not to make myself rich but to share the profits of our quality with as many growers as we can. Its my dream that one day we can make all of Genova's growers participate in the exportation process and have a unique quality standard." We're just happy to be onboard and do our part in featuring these gorgeous beans.

Fucking Strong Coffee is a specialty coffee brand from the folks behind Good Beans - a beloved bean shop tucked amongst the canals of Amsterdam. We built the brand in 2018 as a response to the monotonous, snobby tone that had infected most of the specialty coffee world. Minimalist cafes, ridiculously technical language, pretentious branding, and moralizing eye rolls… they all snarkily whispered the same thing: specialty coffee is for the few. You want to know what we think…? Fuck that.

In many ways, our beans are fancy as fuck. We traceably source coffee from small, top-notch producers who are paid far above market price for meticulously processing their cherries and sustainably maintaining their land. In Amsterdam, we specialty roast with the type of care that would make any smirking barista smile – bringing out bold, surprising flavors that we’re always jazzed to share with our friends.

Our fresh beans are packed in our signature resealable cans (which you can refill for a discount at our Amsterdam shop if you're in town) or in swanky black kilo bags. We roast weekly and ship within 2-3 business days.